Boss in a Box: Suitcase Edition

Boss in Suitcase death stare

You may go. Suitcase must stay.

I’ve heard from some of my dog owner friends that their dogs get anxious at the mere sight of a suitcase. It seems so sweet that the poor pups would miss their owners so much.

Not our Bossy. When he sees a suitcase, it’s like a motel “vacancy” light goes on. No sooner had I set the suitcase on the floor, then that little fluffer got up (out of his box) and jumped right into the case. Sheesh. 

We wanted to do a test pack to see how much room we had and what we needed for our trip to Belize. I’m really hoping to keep it as light as possible while still enjoying a “fresh pair of this” and “a clean one of that” every so often.


Boss in Suitcase

You know, if you got rid of the hiking boots, I could bring my Beef Feast in here.


We planned on splitting one suitcase to cut down on draggables. I like my stuff to be organized and as hassle free as possible, so I usually use the Eagle Creek packers I’ve had for about 15 years. I’ll start with stuff organized  by clothing type, and finish with stuff separated by “dirty” “mostly dirty” and “dropped in a mud puddle.” My gear fit right in without crossing the middle line, shoes and all.

Spotting a vacancy, Flueff hopped in to let me know how to use the other half.

I wasn’t sure if we could also fit in our sunscreens and bug sprays, so I pulled out the carry-on to gauge the space.

Boss in Carry on

I get lefties, you get righties.

Boss of course saw a new suitcase and had to check it out. (He usually prefers the cover on this one for some reason. Works for me!) 

Eventually he got up, leaving a ring of orange fur in his wake. I tried to clean it up with the lint roller, but the suitcase itself seemed a little more adhesive.

I’m going to miss that darn Flueff so much, every leftover cat hair I find is going to make me smile (I’ll probably try to pet it).


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