From Swimming to Salmon: Friday in Review

Yesterday morning was another slug-fest, so I slapped on the NPR and set to waking up by making gummies.

I’m a huge fan of grass-fed gelatin gummies. I usually go with some variation on Diane Sanfilippo’s Sweet and Sour Gummies recipe. I even got my mom hooked when she came down for a visit.

Today I recreated the lemon-lime bites with spangles of mini blueberries that I made for the July 4th picnic. I find silicone candy molds the easiest way to get bite-sized pieces. Most of them look pretty cute (Pyramids! Fancy squares!), but the dome shaped ones always look vaguely creepy, even sinister. I think it’s because they’re just a little too round, a little too shiny (and with the mini blueberries, a little too much like dissected eyeballs).

With gummies cooling in the fridge, I hopped on my old steed up the hill to the nearby pool. I’m not the best swimmer, but man, do I love it. Between the biking there any home, I got in about 35 minutes road time and 50 minutes swim time. Ahh.

My gummies were ready when I got home and I popped a few while I was getting ready to go back out.

I swung into the Smithsonian Museum of American Art to check out the exhibitions. Modern American Realism had a lot of paintings of landscapes in America (think Edward Hopper out of the Nighthawks). There was also nifty photo exhibition of black and whites of American statues. My favorites were more of an abstract piece and a sculpture. The Pop Art Prints were a lot of fun a and totally reminded me of this Roy Lichtenstein print had I had as a kid. Not sure how that one ended up in my wardrobe, but it was a major player in elementary school.

I missed out on the other two (I will be back!), because I wanted to get to the Kennedy Center for a concert at the Millennium Stage. They have free concerts at 6 p.m. everyday. I was looking forward to the classical guitarist, Piotr Pakhomkin. He went from from modern flamenco to Paganini, and was really enjoyable.

By then I was starving, so I was happy to meet my fella for a dinner at Rasika West End. My favorite part was the Salmon Tandoori Tamatar, with sun-dried tomato, basil and mint chutney. Swoon. I was definitely happy for a nice bike ride home to finish the day.



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