About Me

I am a 30-something former personal trainer who is starting a physical therapy doctoral program in the fall of 2014. Even thinking about movement and bodies makes me grin like my niece on Christmas (which is to say, with a poorly hidden, maniacal glee). I cannot wait to get my nerd on with my classmates.

Before I start my DPT program, I am unbelievably lucky to have a summer to relax, enjoy, and heal. I am also among the many fitness blog enthusiasts whose S.O. has said, “Why don’t you just write one?” So thank you, free time. I will, indeed.

My two main men are my Fella (a.k.a Pants) and my giant orange cat, Boss (A.K.A Flueff, B-fluff, Boss-man). We are also learning to care for fish, in hopes of some day having an enormous, coral-laden saltwater tank. For now, we are trying to master goldfish.

I’ve loved writing goofy poetry, even as a kid (won a gift certificate to the Ground Round in 4th grade for my Arbor Day poem, thank you very much). Lately my subject matter has been mostly The Boss-Man himself, often set to nineties hip-hop songs.

Why BananaFeetBike?


I do my best to live a balance of healthy and delicious. I love to cook, make green smoothies, and am still exploring what foods make me feel best. You’ll find some recipes here that are generally lighter on the grains, and heavier on whole foods. I love me some coconut in just about any form.


I love to run and walk. Right now, I’m still on hold for running, but I walk as much as I can. I don’t own a car, so I walk, bike or take public transportation pretty much everywhere. I am constantly on a quest for super comfy, cute looking footwear.


I bike for transportation and just for funsies. I live near a pretty extensive trail network and can bike on most of the roads around me. I find my Jamis commuter gets me where I need to go while still accommodating my massive pannier, which holds my books, clothes, and sundries. I love my ancient Trek 800, especially in the winter. When I drew it out of retirement, I went to a great bike shop in D.C., Bicycle Space. They power cleaned it, put in new brakes, and made it commuter-friendly with a pannier rack and splash guards. I think it weighs 75 pounds.

What you’ll find

I’ll be posting recipes, workouts, and my happenings in D.C. I love this city for so many reasons and I’m excited to show you why! Oh yeah, and I’ll be sure to share the adventures (naps) of Bossy, often in my most eloquent, elementary verse.


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